To drive or not to drive….that is the question

As you can imagine there are many steps that we as a family are taking in order to prepare for Tanzania.  Some steps involve visiting offices for shots (both head and needle). Others involve waking up early in the morning to complete tasks so that we will not be interrupted by little voices (the ones outside of the head). Some steps even involve thinking about things you don’t usually purchase on Amazon: a 2 year supply of bug repellant, water filters that get down to .005 microns, or fuses…for your house.

                   Today, we visited AAA and signed up for this little fella….Photo on 6-8-16 at 3.54 PMYears ago, I had the privilege of driving on the other side of the street in Europe and it obviously went alright because here I am today.  But, driving in Dar es Salaam might be a little more terrifying.  More people, less traffic lights, fewer traffic laws because from what I understand, they aren’t quite as stringent as we are over here.  Pedestrians may or may not have the right of way.

We are hoping to purTuk-tuk_in_Savannakhet_01chase a vehicle shortly after arriving.  Randy has been researching these as a possibility.  It’s a Tuk Tuk.  Can you picture it? Randy weaving in and out of rush hour traffic with Grayson and Ezra holding on for dear life!  Yeah, I am having trouble with the image as well, though it looks airy and offers a lot of leg room.

toyota_noah_2746885So, we have set up a vehicle fund through AIM and if you are interested in helping us get from point A to point B in Tanzania using something a little more secure like this, click the link and type in Stahley in the Designations search box.  Our lives just might depend on it!