leading others

Have you ever had the opportunity to participate in something that made you feel like you were going to burst with joy?  You are honored, humbled, nervous, excited, passionate… This is how I feel every time I am invited to lead others in worship.  There is something so palatable in these moments between a person, words put to music, and the creator of the world, something awe-inspiring, something that goes deeper than the soul might be used to.



noun:  the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.  (God and His son Jesus, in this case)   OR  verb:  show reverence and adoration for (a deity…again God and Jesus); honor with religious rites (songs in this case).

      I gave my life over to Jesus about 15 years ago.  This was after many “failed” attempts and invites, or were they?  I prefer to refer to those attempts as seeds that had fallen on soil that was merely waiting for the right moment to be cultivated.  I had many run-ins with Jesus through my adolescence and early twenties which definitely made an impression on me, navigating me toward truth, but only for a moment.  Living life for me only seemed natural. After all, I had gotten pretty good at it.  But there was this one day that changed it all, one moment which will forever be coined as a course changer for my life.
     I was 24 and on my way to visit Randy (man of my dreams then, husband of my reality now).  It had been an interesting summer up to that point as I had been tampering with the art of alcohol consumption (trying all sorts of mediums), wondering “who am I really?” and literally living the life of a costume character (Linus the thumb-sucking, blanket lover).  I was driving along listening to a band called Jars of Clay, when this song called Worlds Apart began to play.  Now, please understand that I had heard this song many times before, but today for some reason was different.  There is a part of the song where I became a captive audience…
Did you really have to die for me?
All I am for all you are
What I need and what I believe
Are worlds apart…
So I pray.
     I began to cry, not little girly whimpers, but big, gulping for air, whaling sobs.  I broke.  I gave up ME and replaced it with HIM.  I became flooded with the reality of WHO Jesus is and WHAT He did for me.  I laid down everything at His feet, EVERYTHING, and replaced my “losses” with redemption, freedom, peace, grace, love, and joy.  I became a new creation in Christ, not perfect, just new.  I traded in and up and didn’t go into debt, but rather became debt-free.
     We can not assume that the moments we have with someone will be wasted.  We may never know how what we say or do will affect someone until we get to the other side of eternity.  Worship is powerful.  It gets into the little nitty-gritty crevices of our life and prompts us to declare who we are.  These conversations between people, God, and music may be the water and light that will spring forth new life from the dormant seeds of truth sown years before.