O Canada

  They call it Anne’s Land

IMG_2776We have been on Prince Edward Island for about three days and have been inspired by the beauty of the land, the smiles of the people, and the simplicity of the day to day life here.  That is not to say that our days have not been shrouded in tears and petty arguments, after all we have four kids that can easily make there way under each others skin.  But, we won’t focus on that for this post…  only the sunny side of each day will be on display for you.  After all, I want you to come back for more.


IMG_2676What better way to spend a rainy day than by getting up close and personal with windmills.  We saw a blade up close…39 meters in length.  Thankfully, it was lying on the ground, not suspended in the air.  We also got personal with some french fries at the Potato Museum.  PEI is known for potatoes.  The potato fields are decorated in white and purple flowers and are often situated next to a wheat field, a beautiful golden contrast offered to the eyes.



IMG_2783We continued our trek and landed at the Atlantic Fiddlers Festival.  Now, when I read festival, I have to be honest, I attached my American view of this to the word…something I have been working to not do as part of my preparations for living in Africa.  We pulled up and parked at the church across the street, and contemplated whether the venue would be age appropriate for our kids, and finally made our way into what felt and looked like an old dance hall combined with a Lyons Club.  Many were seated, expectantly watching the stage.  A few folks were clustered along the back wall as well.  The feeling inside could easily be communicated as community draped in a beautiful toe tapping folk sound.  We pulled up chairs and had ourselves a genuine, down home listen, while our little girls made an attempt to dance.  We couldn’t stay long, as a couple of my kids temporarily had the attention of a nat.

IMG_2691It has taken a few days to find our groove here on the island.  Walking on the line of thrifty and the desire to spend in order to create experiences is tough, but possible.  We spent one day at Cabot Beach, which was breathtaking.  There were gentle waves, shallow waters, protected sand dunes, soft red sands, and red cliffs overlooking the waters.  The girls swam and built castles.  Gray participated in a castle building contest.  I even had a go at creating, but promised not to enter the contest.  It was a rather relaxing day.  We went out for dinner which was unique too.  The restaurant toted a french name, even offering liver and onions on the menu, but again, in true island fashion, created a dining room that invited community to take place naturally among the tables.  It was a meal that I would happily visit again, as the kids, the server, and the food, were all pleasant.

We made our way back to our campground and began preparing for bed.  But in one corner there was a soccer game that Gray stared at longingly until he was finally invited to participate. At the other, a girl and here mama were flying a kite and our girls wanted nothing more than to watch.  They became fast friends with the little girl and I had a nice time chatting with her mama.  We eventually made our way to bed and were tucked in by 9:30.









This morning, I am sad to say, we were off to a rushed and rather wet start.  The tent leaked last night.  All bags are soaked and rain appears to be in the forecast for the entire day.  Camping and rain are frustrating, but Randy remains optimistic, stating that he is thankful to have dry car to seek refuge in.  We decided to flock to Anne’s Home located in Green Gables Heritage Place.  Even though it was raining, there remains a charm and an air of tenderness all throughout this site.  My girls were smitten with Anne and Ruby actually froze in place when she rounded the corner to find Anne walking and reading a book quietly out loud to herself.  She quickly took notice of us and greeted us, instantly whisking us to her timeline in history.  We walked the grounds, tiptoed through the Haunted Hollow and gingerly stepped along Lover’s Lane, allowing our family the pleasure of stepping into Anne’s land.

We are again making our way back to camp…not sure what awaits us, (well actually we can count on a wet tent, damp sleeping pads, and sloshy sleeping bags) but we do know that today is what we make of it.  Perspective is being crafted at each end of the experience, and what we make of it determines what condition we will be in when we arrive at the end.