Complete abandon

There was something that touched my heart today, something that I don’t think comes around to often.  I have a special student in my class.  When I found out a couple of weeks ago, I was concerned about having this child in my class because I did not have much experience with autistic children.  Well, again the Lord used the least expected to get right into the nooks and crannies of my heart.

We were at assembly today, sorta worship, announcements, and Jesus all rolled into one.  We were nearing the end and the principal was handing out student awards, 2 per class.  Names were called, and my student’s younger brother was called.  My student’s eyes lit up, he immediately became engaged in the moment, lifting himself from his seat and softly shouts,  “Way to go, well done, I’m so proud of you, you did it!” to his younger brother as he made his way up to collect his reward.

Something hit me in that moment, this boy who has been so quiet all week and barely interested in anything I had to say, is quite lovely.  I, like the soft sod I am, cried.  I don’t know how to capture this for you, what I was thinking and feeling right then.  I was so touched by the utter admiration this boy had for his brother, his complete abandon of self because of his love for another…no sadness that the award was not his, but genuine joy for the other.

This was Jesus, sitting by me, meeting me in my own little quagmire of daily troubles to remind me that He feels absolutely the same way about me…”An absolute abandon of self because of His love for another.”  I almost missed it because I kept seeing this student as less because of his differences, his “handicap” when in fact he truly is a beautiful masterpiece that the Lord is already using in order to draw others to Him.  “Way to go, well done, I’m so proud of you, you did it,” says Jesus each and every single day I wake to breath Him in.